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Cosmetology is a big branch of the beauty industry. Many of the beauty services that we get are performed by certified or licensed cosmetologists. 

Sometimes the word cosmetology gets thrown around a lot to describe anyone who works in the beauty industry.

Cosmetologists are most known for their expertise in hair. There are several layers to the training that cosmetologists get in hair while they are in school. Cutting hair has many different techniques that should be used to create the desired look, and cosmetologists learn these techniques while they are in school. Coloring or dying hair can also be done many ways and cosmetologists have training and practice in this area as well. Finally, styling hair is a task that beauty professionals do on a very regular basis. After a client gets their hair cut and dyed, a good cosmetologist will put the cherry on top by giving them a style that complements the shape of their face and other physical features.


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