Hair Conditioning – Necessity?

smooth hairAt times, when hair care is under consideration, shampooing on a daily basis is not enough. Usually, you would want to add an extra product for everyday hair care routine, and that is conditioner. Here are a few history points on this great hair product: it was in the early 1900’s where hair conditioner first made an appearance. Thanks to a French perfume maker named Ed Pinaud, who intended his product to smoothen and soften beards and mustaches, women of today can also enjoy soft and manageable hair.

What is the significance of using hair conditioner on a daily basis? As you may already know, conditioners help untangle gnarls in your hair, and make it more manageable and softer to the touch. But behind this attractive effect on the hair is a scientific explanation. However, before discussing the nitty gritty of hair conditioners, first familiarize yourself with the physical structure of each hair strand on your head.

Imagine each hair strand as a tube with an outermost layer, and this is made of keratin, a strong type of protein, similar to what your fingernails and toenails are made of. Keratin on hair strands, when examined through a microscope, looks bristly like shingles on a roof, overlapping each other. When you have dry, damaged hair, these shingles stand up on end more than usual, which causes strands to get tangled up whenever they come in contact with each other. Your hair tends to get rough and difficult to brush.

smooth hair care conditionTo remedy this problem, you are very likely to use a hair conditioner. How do you apply it on your hair? First, shampoo your hair as usual, rinsing it thoroughly. Wring or squeeze our excess water on your tresses before applying your conditioner.

Do this while massaging your scalp, making sure that roots to ends are covered with hair conditioner. Rinse well and towel dry. For best results, hair conditioner should be used everyday, as beauty sources would recommend.

Now, what does the hair conditioner do to each hair strand? Hair conditioners are manufactured to have a pH of below 7, which means they are slightly acidic. Acidic substances contain hydrogen atoms, which can form bonds on keratin on the surface of hair strands. When hydrogen bonds are formed, the roof shingles flatten out, creating one smooth surface. In turn, the tangles are removed from hair, and it is now smoother, softer, and easier to brush and style.