Hair Care After Rebonding

hair bondingRebonding is the process where using chemicals the hair is straightened so that there are no curls. The type of hair that grows on a persons head is of a particular structure which is formed naturally. When the chemicals or also known as hair straightening creams are used it ideally changes the structure of the hair. The hair that grows on a persons head forms curls sometimes. To change the structure of these curls, straightening is done to help make your hair straight.

But, when these straightening creams are used on the hair, it straightens the hair and due to the change of the hair’s natural structure it causes damage. The creams that are used for straightening and the process of rebonding of hair are very expensive and it is a process which is permanent.

One of the reasons why rebonding harms the hair is that before the straightening cream is applied, the hair is washed. After the hair is washed the straightening cream is applied which reacts with the cells along with the water.

After the cream is applied the hair is kept as it is for thirty to forty five minutes and then washed. After the straightening cream is washed away with another cream called a neutralizer is used to keep the hair from not changing its color. This also affects the hair in a serious way. After the hair is straightened it does not mean that since the hair is straight every thing is alright. The neutralizer cream needs to be applied as the straightening cream’s effect remains on the hair and if the neutralizer is not applied there are chances that the color of the hair could be changed and that is irreversible.

This is not the only thing the hair needs to be oiled frequently. It is also advised to trim your hair frequently; it would help in hair growth. Shampooing and using conditioner also helps to maintain your hair after rebonding.