Severe Hair Fall After Cancer Treatments

chemotherapy hairlossSeveral people are affected by cancer these days. One of the reasons as to why people get cancer is due to ignorance. People do not pay attention to small diseases or any small disorder that may occur in the body which develops into a major disease in the future. We all know that cancer is a very dangerous disease and one of the best ways to treat certain types of cancer is through radiation treatment.

There are certain types of radiation treatments chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ir-radiation therapy and so on. Although such treatments could give you relief they would also have side effects. One of the major side effects caused by such treatments is severe hair fall. These treatments can result in major hair loss; you might even lose all of the hair on your body and not just your head.

And this once again depends on the treatment given to your body. Chemotherapy is one such treatment that causes major hair loss. If the intensity of radiation given to you is too strong then you would lose your hair at a very quick rate. This is a reluctant process that every cancer patient goes through.

Hair follicleHair follicles are the ones that help in hair growth. Tumor and Cancer cells are also similar to the follicle cells because even they are intensely multiplying cells. When radiation treatment like chemotherapy is given, it helps to remove the cancer cells. But it also reacts with the other cells in your body. And it causes hair loss because the cells in our hair follicle develop at a faster rate, just like the cancer cells, when compared to other cells in our body.

Hair does not fall of completely for everyone who takes the treatment. It would vary from one person to another, the treatment could even result in just hair thinning or hair fall in patches. If hair falls in patches it is better to shave the head completely.

Most of the people opt for such treatments because the treatment is painless and it does not require a surgery. It might be impossible to prevent hair fall when you take treatments like chemotherapy, but in most cases hair would grow back after a while from when the treatment is complete. It could sometimes even take up to eight months. But remember, losing your hair is a small price that you are paying to regain your health.