Right Nutrition To Avoid Hair Fall

to avoid hair fallHair fall is the process where your hair starts falling off at a certain time of the year to give way for growth of new hair. The other reason why hair falls is because of the weather. The time of the year when the hair starts falling is during autumn. During the time of autumn the sun rays are really strong and at this point of time it results in severe hair fall.

Another reason for hair fall is the water. When water is salted it harms the hair. Using of dyes causes damage to the hair as there are chemicals which colours the hair and these chemicals react with the cells of the hair which ideally affects the scalp of the hair. When the chemicals affect the scalp it results in hair loss.  These chemicals react not only with the hair but also the skin on the scalp and cause dryness which results in strength loss of the hair resulting in hair loss.

There are a lot of shampoos and chemicals available in the market which prevents hair fall. There are a lot of oils available in the market. The natural methods for hair care are also available and they have been proved to be more efficient than the shampoos and conditioners available in the market. The use of lime on the hair is said to be very good as it prevents the formation of dandruff. After applying onion the person needs to wait for an hour and then wash with shampoo.

The next day they need to apply coconut oil on the head and leave it as it is for half the day or for the whole day. At the end of the day one the hair washed the difference can be seen. The hair would be soft. On alternate days keep applying coconut oil and have bath. What it ideally does is strengthens the hair as the scalp is not dry and there is no formation of dandruff.

Drinking milk is another natural way of preventing hair fall. Milk contains calcium which is another requirement of preventing hair loss. As calcium strengthens bones in the body, similarly it strengthens the hair. Beer is also said to be good for the hair. It not only softens the hair but also the malt plays a critical role in preventing hair fall. It bonds the cells which indirectly are strengthened. Consumption of food with fat content is also said to be good for the hair as the scalp is moisturized.