Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

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The major reason as to why several people lose hair is because either the hair gets damaged or the hair is not getting proper nutrition for hair to be strong. There a lot of ways to prevent hair fall. Over the years man has evolved and along with the evolution there have been a lot of changes.

It does not mean that hair has started happening in the present generation. Hair fall has been happening over the years. During those times there were no chemicals that were readily available so people relied on natural methods of preventing hair fall. For the prevention our ancestors relied on plants for the better condition of the hair.

It is said that in America even before colonization started taking the native Indians were very particular about their skin and hair. They used a herb called “Saw Palmetto”. This particular herb once crushed and applied on the hair stops the scalp from the production of a particular type of metabolite. Due to the non production of this metabolite what happens is that the hair roots become stronger.

Another natural way of preventing hair fall is the use of a herb called Nettle root. This particular herd is either consumed or crushed and made into a paste. What this herb is that it increases the prostrate of the hair which ideally makes the hair stronger as it is firmly attached to the scalp. These herbs are said to make the hair stronger but it also helps in hair growth.

Vitamins play a vital part in preventing hair. All types of vitamins are helpful. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of vitamin. Vitamin E is very helpful in prevention of hair fall. It helps in the circulation of blood to the scalp of the head. As the circulation of blood increases the hair becomes very strong. This is the reason why our parents ask us to eat a lot of fruits and vegetable.

Massage is another way of preventing hair fall because massaging helps in the circulation of blood in the head. Using of oil and massaging is also good because there is circulation of blood and the hair becomes shinier.  Garlic, ginger and onion juices are also good for the hair and scalp as it also helps in prevention of hair fall.