Hair Fall Caused Due To Stress

stressedAlmost all of us under go stress these days; we face several problems in our daily life. For instance thinking about your job during the time of recession is one of the major causes for stress. Apart from that family issues, work pressure, commitments and several others. And this stress causes several problems for you and your health. One of the problems that you might encounter is hair fall.

Not just mental stress but even physical stress could cause hair fall. As mentioned stress could cause severe hair loss and this condition is called as Telogen Effluvium. In this condition hair stops growing and it enters a resting phase. Then your hair starts falling off and might not grow back immediately. And this condition affects more women than men.

Mostly women, who have given birth to a baby recently, would suffer from this condition. No one likes to be bald; hair fall might not seem to be a major problem at the start but it would affect your social life later.

Hair Fall Caused Due To StressAs mentioned earlier too much of stress could also cause several other problems for you. So try not to stress yourself too much. Meditate every day, relax or practice yoga once in a while, it will help you to relieve yourself from stress.

The condition could get much worse if you are under tremendous stress. It is known as Alopecea Areata, and in this condition hair fall not only occurs on your scalp but it could also affect hair growth on other parts of your body too.

Stress could cause hair fall and can prevent hair from growing back, but most of the times it is not a permanent loss.  If you can sort out your problem and relax your hair would grow back. Studies have shown that, hair lost due to stress could grow back in a few months.