Experiencing Hair Fall During Summer Season

sunny hairMost of us experience hair fall. That could be due to any reason, such as heredity, ageing, injury, due to hormonal imbalance any reason for the matter. Sometimes the condition could get even worse at certain seasons, especially during summer.

The reason as to why we lose hair during summer is because we sweat a lot during summer, the pores on the surface of the skin spread to release sweat. Our hair becomes weak at that time and is more prone to falling off. Along with hair loss you might also experience itching and irritation on your scalp. This could make you scratch your head which could cause hair fall to get much worse.

So, there are a few procedures that you could follow to prevent hair loss during summer. One of the simple things that you could do is take a shower every day. Whenever you get back home after a long day’s work make sure you take a shower and rinse your hair and scalp, so that the dirt gets removed from your scalp completely. But make sure you use a mild shampoo and hair conditioner because if you wash your hair a lot, it might cause breakage and your hair might lose the natural oil produced by the oil gland.

And another way of preventing hair loss is by protecting your head or hair from getting into contact with sunlight. You could simply do this by wearing a cap; women could get stylish umbrellas too or they could even wear a scarf.

Summer season could trouble you by causing a lot of hair fall, but it is proven that during summer your hair grows at a faster pace. During summer the blood circulation in our body is much more efficient than in winter or any other season. The reason is because of the warm weather our body heat increases and our body needs to work at a faster rate to reduce the body temperature. And when our body works at a faster pace, the cells in our body also develop quickly. Similarly, the cells in our hair also develop at a faster rate and thus, hair growth is improved.

Make sure you take the required precautions to avoid hair loss. Hair growth during summer could be impacted in both, good and bad ways. It is a natural process that takes place and we could reduce the damage done by taking proper care.